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Welcome Kindergarten 2023/2024

Dear parents,

A warm welcome to the kindergarten year 2023/2024! We are filled with excitement and delight to have you and your children become a part of our kindergarten family. It promises to be a thrilling and fantastic year, where we will grow together as a community, creating cherished memories as we embark on this journey as one.

Our aim is to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment where each child can blossom into their unique selves. With your family's support and our dedicated care, we strive to ensure that your children feel safe, happy, and cherished in our midst.

Our kindergarten offers a myriad of exciting activities and programs that will foster your little ones' creativity, social skills, and intellectual growth. Together, we will embark on adventures, share stories, play, laugh, and learn anew each day!

The collaboration between parents, children, and our educational team is of utmost importance for the success and well-being of our kindergarten community. We highly value open and heartfelt communication. We are always here to listen to your questions, concerns, and ideas, working together to find the best solutions.

We encourage you to actively participate in kindergarten life, whether through joint events, parent-teacher meetings, or lending a helping hand during special activities. After all, it is through our joint efforts that we can create a loving and nurturing environment, where your children can thrive to the fullest.

Let us make the kindergarten year 2023/2024 an unforgettable adventure! We are ready to extend a warm welcome to your family and embark on a wonderful journey together.

Welcome to kindergarten!

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