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Gymnastics and romping

When doing gymnastics, getting to know and becoming familiar with the equipment is the first priority. With the construction of the gymnastics equipment, prerequisites for training basic motor activities are established

(climb, swing, run, float, balance) created.

Free gymnastics on the equipment enables the children to live out their urge to move according to their motor skills. In this way they experience the expansion and enhancement of their skills.



Games and crafts

Tuesdays are rest days for our sports educators.

In the group, people build, play, do handicrafts, sing, glue, cut, craft, experiment and do whatever the children want. Play materials and play partners help promote cognitive and social skills. Topic and project-related activities will find sufficient time and space on this day. And if the weather is right, we might have breakfast on the climbing mountain and let off steam in the playground like every day.



Rhythm and sensory experience

In rhythm, the children learn to implement movements, to invent and design movements themselves. Training in perception, coordination, sense of direction and social behavior takes place here. Each rhythmic lesson includes a set topic and free play time, during which the children can gain material experience and develop imaginative games by experimenting with everyday and play materials (newspaper, sponges, marbles, balloons ...).

Schwimmen lernen


Swimming and splashing around

When swimming, the first priority is getting used to the water in order to achieve safety in the water and to become familiar with the element of water. Over time, the children playfully learn to jump into the water, to dive, to practice their first swimming techniques and to swim without a swimming aid. With regular participation, the children usually get the seahorse with us. Together we travel by bus from the kindergarten to the Schinkelbad.



Roller skating

When roller skating, children first learn to move on rollers. The playful offer enables the training of balance and coordination. The varied design, including everyday materials, supports the joy of playing and learning success.

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