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"Everything that Rolls"


The exercise offer “Everything that rolls” - offers children the opportunity to collect their first attempts at driving on the bobby car, the tricycle, the scooter and even the balance bike. In a protected space (movement hall) the children can train their balance in a playful way on the various driving devices. The focus is on playful design. Through the use of different materials such as small and large devices (for building tunnels and bridges), this offer quickly becomes a large construction site that can be driven through, of course, and crawled through.


Baby im Spielzimmer

The exercise offer takes place in an environment that invites you to be active, to move around, to develop creatively and to rest. In this way, the child makes their first contacts, learns independence and self-confidence and deals with their own body and the things in its surroundings and their properties. Through the use of everyday materials and special sensory materials, as well as small movement landscapes, the children can playfully gain a variety of motor experiences with all their senses and train their sensory perception.

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