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1. Board of Directors

Frank Thörner-Tamm

2. Board of Directors

Dirk Boelke


Heike Unnewehr


Nico Respondek

The creation of the kindergarten

The Osnabrücker Spiel- und Sportkindergarten eV was opened in May 1974 as an OTB kindergarten by the Osnabrücker Turnerbund von 1876 eV.
The extension to the existing sports center was created as a half-day facility with 4 groups (3 morning and 1 afternoon group). The direct access to the sports facilities ensured compliance with the special conception with the 4 sports: gymnastics, rhythm, roller skating and swimming.
In November 1992, the parents of the kindergarten children founded a sponsoring association with the aim of running the kindergarten independently as a parents' initiative in the future.

The intended change of sponsor took place on July 1st, 1993. Since then, the kindergarten has been continued as an eV in the existing concept. Since 2019 we are in a newly built building.

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